You can't imagine how we are present in your everyday life

When we think about the possibilities of waxes uses, soon comes to mind making candles or floors polishes. This is due to the fact that , already in the middle ages the candles were manufactured with a waxy-looking material that could be beeswax or even saturated fats. By other side our grandparents had the habit of polishing the floor using the old floor polishe maschine.

The waxes in general are very versatile materials. They have the ability to be disperse in different medium, such as polar solvents, nonpolar solvents and water , in different particle sizes

They work as additives which confer surface properties to the substrates where they are applied. The waxes are used in practtically all around us.

The table below gives us a good idea of waxes possible uses in our familiar environment.