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Who we are

MEGH is a 100% Brazilian company with a history that began on January 6, 1987. Specialized in producing waxes and emulsions, our activities cover different market segments, guided by the development of products and services that meet our customer’s needs.

Over the years, we have grown in line with the markets in which we operate.

We produce a wide range of waxes and emulsions for various technical applications. Our production processes are under strict control, employing modern technologies and adhering to best manufacturing practices. These procedures ensure the consistency of quality, consistently maintained from batch to batch.

At MEGH, our relentless pursuit of excellence and our history of commitment to quality have made us a reliable partner for companies seeking high-performance solutions in waxes and emulsions.

Counting on us means counting on the guarantee of consistent results and superior quality.


MEGH: A journey of innovation and quality

Throughout its history, MEGH has stood out as an example of innovation and quality, committed to providing advanced and sustainable solutions to its customers.

  1987  MEGH Indústria e Comércio Ltda. (Brazil) – operation start up
  1990 Waxes and emulsions (carnauba/paraffin) – production start
  1992 Polyolefin waxes (CPB brand) – production start
  1995 Pressurized emulsions (PE/PP emulsions) – production start
  1997 ISO 9000 certification
  1998 Oxidized polyolefin waxes (MEGH Technology) – production start
  2004 MEGH Corporation of America (USA)
  2005 Sugar Cane Wax Project start
  2008 Production start of emulsions using ester wax technology

CeraTec Indústria e Comércio. (Porto Feliz – Brazil)

  2009 New polyolefin waxes (MPW brand) (MEGH Technology)
Micronized waxes production start
  2010 New polyolefin wax plant (MPW brand)
  2011 Pilot plant start to produce wax from sugar cane
  2012 MEGH Indústria e Comércio (Porto Feliz – Brazil)
MPO oxidized polyolefin waxes (MEGH Technology) – production start
  2013 Start-up of the 1stwax pelletizer production machine
  2014 End of activities of sugar cane wax pilot plant.
  2015 Construction of a new production plant in Porto Feliz (PF02)

Start-up of the 2nd wax pelletizer production machine

  2016 New natural and vegetable ester wax (MEGH Technology)
  2017 Development of rice based waxes

Start-up of powder wax production using spray dry

  2018 Development of natural/vegetable wax substitutes for Montan waxes (MEGH Technology).
  2019 Waxes and emulsions production capacities increase
  2020 Development of sunflower based waxes.
  2021 Launch of metallocene PE and PP waxes line
  2022 Launch of micronized PP line for texture and matting

Logistics capacity increase in Porto Feliz (PF03)
Development of waxes with ecological and ESG appeal

  2023 Ecowax line launched

Work begins on ISO 14.001 certification



Constant Innovation: The technological heart of MEGH

In our relentless pursuit of innovation, exploring new technologies and materials with their potential applications, MEGH maintains various laboratories that operate in harmony, forming an environment where technological synergy thrives:

  • Quality Control Lab
  • R&D Lab
  • Application Lab
  • Pilot Plant and Pilot Lab

We invite our customers to visit us, fostering active collaboration. Together, we work on identifying the most suitable applications for our products.

Our pilot plant stands out as a key piece, allowing for the seamless flow of information between our laboratories and production units. This exceptional integration elevates our research and development capability to new heights.

Our relentless commitment to adopting the latest technologies, keeping us aligned with advancements in the world of waxes and emulsions, is what propels us in the constant pursuit of technical excellence.

At MEGH, technology is the beacon guiding our journey towards innovation.




Solid commitment to quality: MEGH’s philosophy

At MEGH, the relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to quality underpin every stage of our business journey.

Excellence in quality

We are a company that incorporates quality into its DNA. We believe that excellence in quality is the primary driver of our business, ensuring superior product and service deliveries and serving as the foundation for our strategic management.

ISO certification since 1997: pioneering

For over two decades, we have maintained a dedicated quality control department, establishing the solid foundations that set us apart in the market.

We are proud to have been the first Brazilian company manufacturing waxes and emulsions to achieve the coveted ISO 9000 certification.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Our dedication to quality is an ongoing commitment. Aligned with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, certified by ABS Quality Evaluations Inc., we are constantly seeking new techniques and enhancements in our approach, ensuring the continuous maintenance of our ISO 9000 system.

At MEGH, quality is our trademark, permeating every aspect of our identity and guiding our journey towards excellence.

Regulatory affairs

Committed to regulatory compliance: Always up-to-date

In today’s business landscape, regulatory issues are taking an increasingly central role in our daily operations. At MEGH, we understand the vital importance of staying aligned with the regulatory frameworks that affect our industry, whether it’s related to the characteristics of our products, their applications, or even our mode of operation.

A specialized regulatory team

To ensure that we are always ahead of the latest regulatory updates, we maintain a department dedicated to the development and control of regulations. Among the regulatory issues we address are:

  • Anvisa (Brazil): We maintain a deep understanding of the regulations of the National Health Surveillance Agency, ensuring the compliance of our products.
  • Mercosur: We closely monitor Mercosur regulations, ensuring that our operations comply with regional guidelines.
  • FDA (USA): We maintain a strong understanding of the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations in the United States to meet the demands of this market.
  • BfR / REACH / EU (Europa): We rigorously follow European regulations, including BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), and EU (European Parliament Directives).
  • Inventory lists: We are constantly updated on inventory lists that affect our products.
  • Certifications in general: We seek relevant and applicable certifications to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

At MEGH, our pursuit of regulatory compliance is continuous, ensuring that our products and processes are always in line with the latest requirements and regulations.



You can't imagine how present we are in your day-to-day life

You would be surprised to discover how waxes play a fundamental role in your daily life. Typically, when we think of waxes, we immediately envision candle making or floor polishing. This is due to a history that dates back to the Middle Ages when candles were meticulously crafted from waxy materials like beeswax or saturated fats. Even our grandmothers used to give floors a shine using traditional floor polishers.

However, waxes have multiple applications. They have the incredible ability to emulsify and disperse in different media, including polar solvents, nonpolar solvents, and even water, in various particle sizes. They act as additives that impart special properties to the surfaces of the substrates they are applied to. Waxes play an essential role in virtually everything that surrounds us.

The chart on the side provides a comprehensive overview of the numerous applications of waxes in our everyday lives, highlighting how these versatile materials subtly shape our daily routines.


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