MEGH Indústria e Comércio Ltda

MEGH Waxes and Emulsions

We are 100% brazilian capital, waxes and emulsions manufacture, being the first company into market to achieve ISO certification 9001:2015.
Through controlled physical and chemical processes, we offer quality products to the market, meeting your necessities. We manufacture a complete line of water based waxes and emulsions, providing alternative technical solutions for those who uses solvent-based systems, and enabling environment benefits.
Besides to our regular product line, we do have technology to develop and manufacture specific waxes and emulsions to our actual and future costumers. Count on us !

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Time line

  • 1987……. MEGH Indústria e Comércio Ltda. (Brazil) – beginning of activities
  • 1990……. Start of waxes and emulsions production (carnauba/paraffin)
  • 1992……. Start of polyolefin waxes production (CPB waxes)
  • 1995……. Start of high pressure emulsions production (PE/PP emulsions)
  • 1997……. Certificated ISO 9001
  • 1998……. Start of oxidized polyolefin waxes production (MEGH´s technology)
  • 2004……. MEGH Corporation of America. (USA)
  • 2005……. Beginning of the project for sugar cane wax production
  • 2008……. Start of ester wax emulsions technology production
  • 2008……. CeraTec Indústria e Comércio. (Brazil)
  • 2009……. New polyolefin waxes production (MPW waxes) (MEGH´s technology)
  • 2009……. Start of micronized waxes production
  • 2010……. New polyolefin waxes plant (MPW waxes)
  • 2011 ……. Beginning of pilot plant for sugar cane wax production
  • 2012……. MEGH Indústria e Comércio (Porto Feliz – Brazil)
  • 2012……. Oxidized MPW polyolefin waxes production (MEGH´s technology)
  • 2013……. Start up of the 1st pastilles machine
  • 2014……. End of the sugar cane wax pilot plant activities
  • 2015……. Start up of the 2nd pastilles machine
  • 2016……. New natural and vegetable ester waxes technology (MEGH´s technology)
  • 2017……. Expansion of production capacity waxes
  • 2018……. Sugar cane wax project - Definition to give continuity to the project on an industrial scale

MEGH Laboratories

Due to our constant development of new materials and their potential applications, we have in our units different laboratories working together to achieve an excellent technological synergy.

We have quality control laboratory (CQ) , technical application , research and development (P&D) and a pilot lab.

Our pilot plant allows us the exact flexibility between our laboratories and our production plants.

Our customers are very welcome to visit them and together we will develop the best application of our products for you.

Certificate ISO 9001


Facilitate and provide technology in the field of specialty chemicals, developing business and promoting partnership in our markets.


We aim to be recognized as a responsible company, sustainable and provide quality facilities for the domestic and foreign markets.


• Strong partnership with our customers and suppliers;
• Commitment to the welfare of employees and their development;
• Flexibility and agility in developing solutions for nationalization and product customization;
• System for continuous improvement to adapt and serving the markets in which we operate;
•Atuação responsável em relação a sustentabilidade e respeito ao meio ambiente.

Quality Policy

Parceria com nossos clientes e fornecedores buscando em conjunto soluções para os desafios diários.
Constant integration and training of our employees, enabling its evolution in the human and professional aspects.
Adoption of working methods conducive to the improvement of the environment and quality of life, da melhoria do sistema, em atendimento aos requisitos aplicáveis.